Urine Leakage and Quality of Life

Bladder control and urine leakage are major issues for women that typically occur from excessive weight, birthing, and a weak PC (pubococcygeus) muscle from lack of use. The PC muscle holds many of the body’s internal organs from slipping into the birthing canal. When these organs drop they cause a number of problems. The most common is urine leakage in younger women, many of whom wear a pad daily so as not to embarrass themselves.  As we age that seepage becomes a flow needing an adult diaper  and it restricts quality of life.  The Kegelcisor™ has assisted women for over 28 years in regaining proper PC muscle strength.  It provides a more natural vaginal rejuvenation without the need for painful surgery or drugs.  It also is great for you and the environment as all of those diapers and pad do not fill our landfills.