Kegelcisor Testimonials


“My first child was born on June 30, 1986, after 22 hours of ‘flat on my back’ labor, two epidurals, two catheters, two internal fetal monitors and a forceps delivery. Until that time, I had no problem with urination. Then I started wetting my pants, almost as soon as my bladder started to fill. I had to urinate frequently and I’d wet my pants when I laughed. I started using the Kegelcisor™ on a regular basis. After using it for a few months, the control of frequency of urination started to return. During my next pregnancy, my frequency of urination returned to normal. Now, two months after the birth it continues to be normal. I was using the Kegelcisor™ until the 8th month. I have not yet resumed its use and I ntend to shortly. My plan is to continue its use to keep the PC muscle in shape.”


“With regards to my use of the Kegelsicor — let me say that I did not use it regularly as per the directions, but I did use it enough to find that I grew to recognize my PC muscle, and to learn how to feel it tensing and relaxing. I also became very well able to control the flow of urine, and I continue to have that ability even though I still don’t use the Kegelcisor™ regularly. Now I don’t need the Kegelcisor™ to feel and use the muscle, and sometimes I do use it anyway. I also tightened the area in my vagina which had loosened after having children.”

Jane O.,  -  London, England

“Dear Dr. Bloch, Over a year ago I purchased a Kegelcisor™ from you. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge its value for me. It has strengthened my muscles in both the vaginal

and anal areas, so that intercourse is more pleasurable for both me and my partner. After childbirth six years ago at the age of 35, I found my muscle tone seriously impaired. Although I did not use the Kegelcisor™ in the prescribed manner, I did use it several times per week and noticed improvement in just a few weeks. It has also handled some anal incontinence I was experiencing during intercourse.  If at any time you would like more detailed feedback on my results, please do not hesitate to let me know. I would be happy to share my enthusiasm for this product.”

Bianca F.,  -  Randolph, NJ

“Dear Director,

I purchased your exerciser 18 months ago and although I never followed the instructions properly, I noticed after a three month use that I had stopped having urinary incontinence. I also noticed that even though I have rarely used the exerciser in the past 15 months that I am still able to maintain a strong bladder.Thank you very much for your product.”

Ronnie G.

“Dear Dr. Bloch

We would like to express our thanks, on behalf of the many customers who have used your Kegelcisor™ for their urinary incontinence problems. All who have reported back to me tell me the problem has been completely cured with regular use of the device and that they are experiencing greater sexual pleasure. Some even asked me to thank you. We look forward to ordering more at your earliest convenience.”

Dell Williams, President,  Eves Garden  USA

“For the first time in eight years I can go out without diapers, and not worry about embarrassing myself. Thank you for your product”

C. Bishop,  age 84  Fla

“After my C Section, I had a natural birth with no problems after using the “Kegelcisor”. My postpartum tone returned in a very short time. My Doctor was amazed…”

A. Ridizem,  age 28  Ohio

“My doctor noticed that my 3rd degree rectocele was reduced to 1st degree, no longer needing surgery, after three weeks of working with the “Kegelcisor” Thank you!!!”

J. Platte,  J. Platte  NY

“My husband and I love the new me… and no more pads for seepage of urine…”

D. Welch,  age 46  Calif

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Your Kegelcisor has given me my life back. Before using the Kegelcisor I would wet  myself when I sneezed or coughed & sometimes when I laughed hard. This happened to me after childbirths. Now my secret is the Kegelcisor has given me my life back – without pads or pills. Thank you, Thank you!!!”

Jennifer,  La Jolla, California  Developer

Dear Dr. Bloch,

Thank you, more than I can say for inventing the Kegelcisor. I am 48 years old. I went into early menopause when I was 38. I have not been in a sexual relationship for over 10 years. I’m now rekindling things with my old flame.  My gynecologist told me I would not be able to have intercourse again (because of dryness) unless I went on estrogen (local).  I don’t like taking drugs or putting unnatural substances in my system. Also, breast cancer runs in my family. I’ve made so much progress using your Kegelcisor with an all natural water-based lubricant; and adding Chinese ginseng and primrose oil supplements to the vegetarian diet I’ve had for 35 years; that I believe with continued use of your Kegelcisor and the above dietary supplements; I’ll soon be able to resume sexual relations with the man I love!!!


J. K. in Portland, Maine

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