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Q – Occasionally, when I laugh, I also expel several drops of urine. Would using the Kegelcisor help me control my bladder?

A – Yes. The pelvic floor or the muscle that holds and controls the pelvic area is for the most part, controlled by the Pubococcygeus muscle and keep the bladder in proper tone and position.

Q – I am planning to have children over the next few years and want to know if using the Kegelcisor™ will be of any benefit to me?

A – Yes, in several ways. First, with good pelvic muscle  tone, the need for the doctor to cut (episiotomy) at birthing is greatly reduced, and healing time after childbirth will be shorter. Second, your postpartum tone will be better, and pleasurable during future intercourse will be equal or greater to that before birthing.

Q – I seem to have difficulty controlling my bladder and urinate frequently. Will the Kegelcisor™ help me?

A – Yes, the Kegelcisor™ will strengthen the pelvic muscles, diminishing the need to urinate frequently during the day and at night. If wetting the bed is a problem that may also disappear.

Q – Isn’t the Kegelcisor™ basically a pleasure toy for women?

A – No. However, during the course of the exercises, people do experience pleasure – a bonus to the real benefits of having a healthy PC muscle.

Q – I have a great deal of discomfort when penetrated and usually avoid intercourse. Will using the Kegelcisor™ help in any way relieve this?

A – Yes. In some cases, people have tight PC muscles (known as chronic pelvic tension), in which often causes a lack of sensation, minimal lubrication and painful penetration. Proper use of the Kegelcisor™ will bring the PC muscle into proper tone and alleviate the discomfort you feel during penetration.

Q – Will my sexual enjoyment increase after using the Kegelcisor™?

A – Yes! Any time you enhance the muscle tone of the body, you enhance sexual pleasure. In view of the location of the PC muscle, a number of benefits have been found including increased ability to find the Grafenberg Spot and improved vaginal lubrication, to mention just a few.

Q – The Kegelcisor is cold to my touch. Should I warm it before I do my exercises?

A – No. The Kegelcisor™ works on a temperature basis. When stored at a room temperature of approximately 70F and inserted into the body at 98F, the automatic  contraction of the PC muscle occurs and begins the exercises automatically.

Q – I sometimes have little or no sensitivity to my husband, when inside me. Can the Kegelcisor™, in any way, improve my sensitivity in that area?

A- Yes. The opening to the vagina is one circular open end of the PC muscle. When this muscle is in proper tone, greater sensations are experienced.

Q – Is there any benefit to using the Kegelcisor™ anally?

A – Yes. Though our research is still incomplete, a number of people have reported that by exercising the opposite end of the PC muscle (that portion surrounding the anus), they have, in a short period of time, eliminated hemorrhoids.

Q – Where can I buy the Kegelcisor™?

A – In addition to purchasing the product directly from us, ISA Research and Education, various  authorized distributors such as high end . We are pleased to have Natural Healing  as Authorized Sellers on Amazon.

Change your life today! Purchase your Kegelcisor® for $99.95  FREE DOMESTIC SHIPPING !!!

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