Sexual Health Benefits

Because you are exercising the major love muscle of the body, you will increase your pleasure!
Sexual Problems

  • Lack of Orgasm:  (lack of orgasm in intercourse, difficulty in attaining orgasm): Irritability, reduced quality
    of life, lack of sleep, emotional upset, difficulty in locating the Grafenberg Spot (G spot).
  • Vaginismus:  Penis unable to penetrate vagina, due mostly to clamping of the vagina.
  • Painful Intercourse:  Penile entry painful, thrusting hurts
  • Diaphragm Uncomfortable:  Diaphragm is felt by partner during intercourse, feels uncomfortable.
    (Kegelcisor® reduces size of diaphragm used).
  • Poor Vaginal Lubrication: Insufficient blood flow.
  • Lower Back Pain:  Diminishes as muscles strengthen and remove weight from the back area.
  • Vaginal Anesthesia:  Lack of sensation
Sexual Health
Vaginal enhancement leads to better sex. You can’t have GREAT SEX if the major love muscle in the body is weak! The Kegelcisor® is a healthcare product designed to heal seepage of urine and give back bladder control, whilestrengthening the same muscle that creates great lovemaking.
  • Orgasm is easier and more frequent.
  • Vaginal embrace is tighter.
  • G-spot is readily accessible.
  • Greater pleasure and pelvic health.
  • Ends bladder embarrassment.
  • Improves vaginal lubrication:  increases blood flow.


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