Childbirth and Beyond Benefits

Better Birthing –  

  • Pregnancy: Exercises prior to conception and during pregnancy lessen birth trauma. (up to eight
  • Birthing: Strong PC muscles make for easier delivery with less damage to pelvic muscles and
    surrounding tissue.
  • Episiotomy: Cut widen vaginal opening during delivery. Healthy muscles reduces need for
  • Postpartum Tone: Kegelcisor™ restores tone and strength of pelvic floor, encourages rapid recovery
    and helps restore size of vaginal canal without surgery.


Preparing For Childbirth
Using the Kegelcisor™ prior to conception and during your pregnancy (through the eighth month) will
strengthen your PC (pubococcygeus) muscle, making for an easier delivery with less damage to the
pelvic muscles and surrounding tissue.

Episiotomies are no longer necessary. Recent medical findings as of 2006 indicate that stretching and
possible tearing are most beneficial to the patient, and that episiotomies are detrimental and should
not be used.

After Giving Birth
Using the Kegelcisor™ after giving birth helps restore tone and strength of the pelvic floor, encouraging rapid recovery, and helps restore the size of the vaginal canal without surgery. As a result, postpartum recovery time may be cut in half. The need for costly vaginal rejuvenation surgery may also be eliminated.

Using the Kegelcisor™ can aid in conception. Exercising your PC muscle with the Kegelcisor™
helps increase circulation in your pelvic region which may aid in conception.

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